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Activate Your People to Build Revenues, Raves & renown


  • Drive-Up Earnings ,
  • Brighten the mood ,
  • Instill greater alignment & affiliation ,
  • Help the team induce & maintain momentum ,
  • Dissolve office politics, verbal acid & resistance;

Then Let Your Staff Delight Your Customers & Help You Focus!

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We Help You Transform Your Company’s People, Processes & Energy

So That, Together, You Create a Climate Where Customers Love To Do Business!

I’m a unique leader with a knack for helping teams get hooked on winning. My passion is to make your business more fun, your customers more loyal and your life more fulfilling.

4 Ways We Can Help You Build A Stronger Business

How Will Your Business Benefit from Building Powerful Teams?

Why We Emphasize Team-Building

Building brilliant teams is the low-hanging fruit to gain competitive advantage – because few businesses ever try.  When teams function well, they build brilliant bonds – with you, one another and with your customers.

You can build a brilliant, energized & high-performance team now – or whenever you want more success.

We guide you through the 5 breakthroughs of the leadership journey.  You’ll learn to build energy and imagination where you used to have turf wars, office politics & stress. Lift your people up out of disinterest & apathy. Ignite their collective imagination – that’s how you rev-up your business.  

The 5 Keys to Build an Energized, High-Performance Team

Most leaders never realize that stellar leadership skills can be easily learned.  They are natural and instinctive.

The five keys are to adopt mindsets that boost everyone’s:

      • Confidence & Assurance
      • Morale and Dedication
      • Bias to Take Action
      • Communication Success, and a
      • Shared Sense of Purpose, Meaning & Fulfillment

I’m Tony Thayer.

I became a catalyst for business growth & transformation after I survived cancer. Cancer helped me rediscover that making a difference for others is the difference that makes a difference. When we focus on others, we become more alive 

I first learned how making a difference transforms us all when I was on my first job interview.

Seeking a  job with the National Outdoor Leadership School, to train wilderness guides, I was invited to Wyoming to join their founder and his team that January for an arduous, two-week-long, sub-zero climb of the Grand Tetons. What I learned about teams out there would become the foundation for all of my career successes – as a team builder, a salesperson, an out-of-the-box thinker, and an executive.

Now I use these insights to make a difference for business owners & leaders – and the people who work for them

Tony Thayer

I Guide Leaders Through the “Bewilderness” of Building a Brilliant, Energized, High-Performance Business.

I help business leaders and owners achieve breakthrough results by building better people, teams, processes, and cultures.

Let me show you the path to unleash greater energy, imagination, devotion, and attention to your customers.  Let me introduce you to business and leadership skills that will transform all your people into resilient, responsive & results-driven leaders

I retired when I was diagnosed with late-stage cancer, 40 years later after my wilderness interview. I survived because I embraced cancer as my mentor. Cancer woke me up to the immense value of what I learned 40 years before.

Are You Ready?

When you are ready, you can transform your business and your staff. When you do, you begin a process of sustainable growth, your people play a bigger game, and your company becomes a place where customers love to do business and great people love to work.

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Is your team “Brain Engaged?”  


Brain Science explains a lot about why some teams work so well.

An integrated brain is a perfect metaphor for a smooth-running team.

When a team – or a brain – fully integrates all of its parts, there is more energy, imagination, & accomplishment!
When all the members of a team align, they build powerful, purposeful energy; just like a brain, teams can be far more than the sum of their parts.

Is your team?

Take the quiz & find out!

Teams are Holograms of the Human Brain
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