Leadership Discovery Group

Navigating Your Way to Leadership

The Leadership Discovery Group is a 6-month long mastermind program for an intimate group of business leaders. Attendees will participate and promote each other’s growth as they discover our powerful, hands-on leadership skills.  You won’t just learn skills, you’ll practice and witness others.  Each month, you’ll be challenged to incorporate these skills with your own teams and help others master the details.  The takeaway is learning to play a bigger game in life, to transform your workplace., and to build deep, lifelong relationships with the others in your group. This is a program for leaders who want to transform their company or team from being a working group of acquaintances and turn it into a mutually dedicated, highly aligned tribe.

Through the program, you’ll:

      • Foster peak levels of mental, emotional & interpersonal performance.
      • Increase sales and revenues by as much as 35%
      • Reduce employee turnover by up to 40% and attract great applicants
      • Reduce customer turnover and grow revenues per customer
      • Develop life-long relationships with other business owners and leaders
      • Change the social climate at work from stress, resentment and resistance and replace it with a climate of resourcefulness, resilience & results – and a bias for action!

Be part of this exclusive group of dedicated business owners as they take the journey to master the elements of leadership and team building. Only 12 qualified applicants are selected for each cohort.

What You’ll Learn

At each monthly workshop, you’ll master — and practice! — a new leadership breakthrough to incorporate into your daily life and outlook. Our curriculum includes: Leadership, Mindsets, Team-Building, Performance-Potential, and Speaking with a Bias For Action.

Program Structure & Details

      • One 6-hour workshop on the third Saturday of each month
      • A full-group monthly group call one evening each month
      • Two small-group calls each month, on alternate weeks, for breakout group discussions
      • One monthly, individualized 60-minute coaching session with Tony for each participant.

Our next cohort runs on Saturdays, June 18 through November 12, 2022.

“Tony creates incredible space. He brought in the power of the bigger picture to give me a positive new perspective, one which helps me avoid getting caught up in the emotions of the moment.”
– Jenny Knowles, Oakland, CA
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