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Awaken the Leader: Leadership Training for a New World

April 7, 2022

Tony is part of the training team for this special one-day workshop as part of Linda Patten’s Leadership Program for Women.

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If you are a woman leader or aspiring leader, this program will help you adopt a leadership style that taps into your natural style and abilities as you carve a strategic path to leadership. Participants will learn about the Comfluential Leadership Style, which brings together command and influential styles of leadership to meet the demands of every context.

You’ll learn leadership skills in time management, planning, self-motivation, communication with your team, and more; how to build the relationships that will accomplish your vision; ways to handle setbacks and disappointments and stay on-track with your goals. Plus, you’ll gain the benefit of connecting with fellow students and our team of experts. Experience how to:

  • Activate your vision with crystal clarity
  • Gain important leadership skills
  • Carve a strategic path to move forward
  • Build a team that will support you, and more.

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“Peace comes off him like waves. It comes from how he shows up, how he is just who he is.”
– Dana Cory, Portland, OR
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