Elevate Yourself and the People Around You

Four Ways We Guide You To Become a Brilliant Leader


Ready for the journey? I will meet you wherever you are on the path — whether that’s facing a daunting challenge, standing on top of a cliff, chasing a new opportunity, or just getting your bearings. I will support your journey so that you can build a thriving, inspiring business where customers love to do business and great people love to make a difference.

Whichever type of guidance works best for you, I will take the time to explore the unique situations and needs you and your team are struggling with. We begin by assessing where you are now, where you want to get, then create a tailored strategy to take you there.  Then we support you as you implement that plan.

Based on our conversation, I create a custom workshop for your managers and staff. Leaders most in need of one-on-one Empowerment Coaching are identified.

1. Discovery: The Leadership Discovery Institute

Navigate Your Way to Leadership by joining an intimate group of business owners and make the five breakthroughs of leadership together. You will learn practical skills and forge powerful, lifelong relationships. Starting as a group of strangers, you’ll have the experience of transforming into a team – a brilliant team. This 6-month cohort-based, experiential program will pace you through the five essential leadership breakthroughs. You’ll be ready to turn your team into your greatest competitive advantage.

    • Achieve the 5 Essential Breakthroughs of Leadership through direct experience.
    • Internalize these skills into your leadership style
    • Discover greater resourcefulness within yourself
    • Enhance your ability to produce results
    • Foster a high level of employee satisfaction
    • Share breakthroughs and challenges with others on your weekly progress reviews
    • Develop a right-brain perspective that amplifies your established business chops

Learn more about this intensive program

2. Exploration: On-Site Consulting 

Exploring the opportunities and possibilities of your business

Bring us onsite to develop a customized, hands-on exploration of your business – it’s values, mission, operations and points of friction.
Then we’ll coach and collaborate to create the steps to shake off distractions and dysfuntions in order to create a high-performance business culture that motivates and inspires the people who bring it to life.

Bring us on-site to work with you, your team, or your clients to identify and establish the changes that will transform your business.

We can also facilitate team-building and training programs to help you take your business to the next level.

Expect to make huge strides around:

    • Drawing your team members together
    • Workplace Optimization
    • Communication, Rapport, and Common Ground
    • Values, Intentions, Inner-Game & Performance
    • Leadership Forums and Off-Sites

3. Guidance: Individual Leadership & Team Coaching

I offer unique coaching approaches that incorporate elements of my tried-and-true leadership processes.

      • Quickly increase revenues and results by up to 50%
      • Increase team member emotional engagement, loyalty, ownership-focused by 67-100%
      • Close sales up to 50% faster and increase close rate by 44%+
      • Gain perspective on the latent possibilities already available to your  business
      • Create actionable social dynamics on your teams that produce results
      • Clarify the values, vision, and intentions that motivate & inspire your people

Schedule a free consultation with me to determine how we can best support your aspirations.

4. Path-Finding: Programs that Develop Emerging Leaders:

Develop a formal Leadership Development Program for your company’s senior leadership team (or the future leaders of your company).

We’ll start with a company leadership needs assessment, and develop a sustainable, tailored program that you can implement and replicate across your organization. Build mentorship into the fabric of your business. You and your team will:

    • Establish a coherent and intentional business culture.
    • Collaborate from a deeper sense of mission and shared purpose.
    • Grow increasingly more brilliant & adroit.
    • Deepen communication styles to promote a bias towards action.
    • Navigate growth, change, and challenges with assurance.

It’s like setting up our Leadership Discovery Group Program as an ongoing process for your future leaders.


What Are The Benefits of These Programs?

      • Start posting record results – team building is the low hanging fruit for improving performance.
      • Play to your potential – discover what you – and your people – are really capable of.
      • Influence and guide your people to stop resisting change and to start leading it.
      • Free up the time you need for strategic planning & other high-impact activities.
      • Attract more customers, build stronger relationships and make more sales

What I bring to my work to support your growth and development

      • 40 years of experience leading, developing, and coaching teams.
      • A powerful perspective of left- & right-brain insights, built from integrating years of business experience with positive psychology, neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming.
      • A talent for enabling people to create the conditions that produce success and cohesion.

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“Tony connects quickly with others, but what’s amazing is how he connects – he lifts you up; he encourages you to feel good about yourself”
– RD, Oakland, CA
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